Elon Musk places emphasis on AI and our existing use of Social Media. The growth of technology like the internet is enabling the pairing of AI and humanity. Everyone who is connected, either via Social Media, texting, websites or data input is contributing to the massive database which AI draws from.

Key points for a Marketing professional: The growth of Twitter, Facebook & texting is clearing showing that we are requiring less and less words to communicate. The popularity of Instagram, shows again that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. ie. Image is everything. The fascinating thing about Social Networking is that often, people will edit crop and tweak their photos, to show a fantasy like world that others envy. It is contributing to a global dissatisfaction, where individuals are attune to “likes” or “pings” from strangers to have self esteem. Virtual reality is in its infancy and yet an ever growing field which Musk touches on saying that there is a possibility that mankind will prefer to live in an artificial world, and the danger than technology will become so advanced it will be impossible to differentiate between the two.

Key points for a Website Designer: At the present time, we are currently imputing & creating data that is ultimately feeding the ability for AI to grow. We do this by creating websites and adding information online, as I am now. This information is accessible via the www in which all mobile phones and computers are connected. Thus enabling, the extension of self to be a digital form which we can use and access – as and when needed. The question is: Is there a limit to the size of the www?

“If you look at social networks, mobile phones and computers as leaves on a tree, AI is the tree itself. ” – Elon Musk

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